Les U9 du Mulhouse Water-Polo

Vendredi soir, j’ai pu assister pour la première fois à l’entraînement des U9 du Mulhouse Water-polo.
Incroyablement bluffant! Thierry Estebe (directeur sportif du Mulhouse Water-Polo), leur entraîneur, fait un travail exceptionnel avec les tous jeunes du club, vraiment super….
Nos “p’tits jeunes” sont tous très concentrés et impliqués tout au long de l’entraînement. Déjà de vraies postures de poloistes “comme les grands”!
Et déjà 2 entraînements par semaine.
Je suis jaloux, j’aurai bien aimé aussi commencer à cet âge, et pas à 42 ans, ahah!
Entre les équipes de U9, U13, U15, U17, l’équipe 1 & 2 senior, et nous les “U65/loisir”, la boucle est bouclée!

Toutes les photos sont là:

Canon vs. Nikon

via Mashable

No no, I’m not entering the religion fight between the Canon and Nikon fans ;-) As you may know, I’m a happy Canon user for years now, and with the time, you get used to the interface of Canon or Nikon cameras and, if you have some good expensive lenses, you are so or so stuck with one or the other.

There are for sure some detailed differences between both brands, but generally speaking, both have very happy users since years…

What I haven’t realized, on the other hand, is the difference of size between both companies. Actually, Canon is much bigger than Nikon and is selling 4x more DSLR than Nikon! That was not clear for me, always had the impression that both are more or less of equal size…

  Nikon Canon
Founded in 1910 1937
Number of employees ~ 26’000 ~ 197’000
Revenues on cameras
4.8 bn EUR
4.8 bn EUR
12.1 bn EUR
11.5 bn EUR
Revenues on DSLR
2.1 bn EUR
1.9 bn EUR
7.9 bn EUR
8.1 bn EUR

Provence, Baux-de-Provence, Saint Rémy, …

We could have some days off end of April at Les Baux-de-Provence in South-East of France / Provence. A real nice stay actually! I finally invest the time to post-produce my photos. This time, no big equipment, just my little Canon S90 and DxO…

Ousteau de Baumanière

Ousteau de Baumanière, an excellent hotel, perfectly positioned near les Baux-de-Provence, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (which is much nicer than les Baux, too much touristic and artificial for our taste), les Alpilles, Avignon, etc. Service was really great, as the room we had. Two restaurants in the hotel, both worth a visit ;-) L’Ousteau itself which is a 2* Michelin, absolutely fantastic, and la Cabro d’Or, a 1* Michelin, which is also very interesting. We had there a “vertical” degustation menu with 10 dishes all based on different excellent local olive oils, including the dessert!

hotel ousteau de baumanière

hotel ousteau de baumanière garden

hotel ousteau de baumanière swimming pool

hotel ousteau de baumanière swimming pool

hotel ousteau de baumanière restaurant



baux-de-provence village

baux-de-provence village

baux-de-provence by night


Oppède le Vieux

A small village in the Luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

Olive groves

This region is a kind of paradise for people (like me) that likes olive oils. A lot of small producers, so many different tastes, pure happiness!

olive grove

Les Alpilles

les alpilles

les alpilles

les alpilles


You can find the whole Baux-de-Provence portfolio here.

Holiday is cool, as my new Canon S90!

Quick “hello” from Combrit Saint Marine in Brittany.

We are finished with our “stroll week”. Each day about 6-8 hours on foot, a looonnngggg time we haven’t done that ;-) Fantastic landscape, varying a lot each day, as the weather!

That’s a real break, different from St Barth, but still a cool break. Today, first time with a kind of real Internet connection ;-)

As I didn’t want to transport my 3+ kg Canon EOS 5D MarkII with its lens during the 6+ hours walk per day, I have bought a Canon S90, just before going on holiday. As a Canon-fan, I had mainly the choice between a G11 or a S90, both with almost the same technical and optical characteristics, excepted that the G11 is still quite big. Some pictures below (RAW + DxO post-prod, but with a small netbook ;-). More on the Canon S90 later. But generally speaking I’m super happy with it!

Now, back to the “big one”!

New lens, Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

I’ve just acquired a new Canon L-series lens for my full-frame EOS 5D MarkII, the famous EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM. First impression: very sharp, fast autofocus, controlled vignetting (as usual some issues at the ends, specially around 28mm), solid, heavy (950g…), interesting focal length range – will take it with me for the coming holidays in August.

Post-production with DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite, which has a specific module for the combination Canon EOS 5D MarkII + the Canon EF 24-70mm L.

First pictures taken with it:

Some reviews found:

Canon website about this lens.