My pictures

I have started to be a bit more interested in photography in 2005 when I have bought my first Digital SLR, a Canon EOS 20d.

But the “real start” was in November 2009, when I have acquired my first full-frame D-SLR, a Canon EOS 5D MarkII, which was definitely “kicking” me to learn a bit more of technique. But still a super beginner :-)
The lenses that I am now using with my 5D MarkII:

I have also a small and so practical Canon S90, which is generating RAW files.

I am also a happy customer and user of  DxO Optics Pro Elite for the whole post-production and RAW corrections and conversion: optical and geometric corrections, optimized exposure, color control, noise removal, dust removal. And the new Single Shot HDR, which is really quite interesting. DxO is working with dedicated combinations of cameras and lens.

I have also migrated my Flickr account to SmugMug in January 2009, and I can tell you, there is absolutely no comparison between both services… Go for SmugMug!

Have a look there for my whole pictures portfolio.

And some examples of my portfolio:

Saint Barth Portfolio

France, Brittany (2010)


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