Holiday is cool, as my new Canon S90!

Quick “hello” from Combrit Saint Marine in Brittany.

We are finished with our “stroll week”. Each day about 6-8 hours on foot, a looonnngggg time we haven’t done that ;-) Fantastic landscape, varying a lot each day, as the weather!

That’s a real break, different from St Barth, but still a cool break. Today, first time with a kind of real Internet connection ;-)

As I didn’t want to transport my 3+ kg Canon EOS 5D MarkII with its lens during the 6+ hours walk per day, I have bought a Canon S90, just before going on holiday. As a Canon-fan, I had mainly the choice between a G11 or a S90, both with almost the same technical and optical characteristics, excepted that the G11 is still quite big. Some pictures below (RAW + DxO post-prod, but with a small netbook ;-). More on the Canon S90 later. But generally speaking I’m super happy with it!

Now, back to the “big one”!

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