Day 6 – Sunset, Carribean lights on Flamand beach

Again, a great sunset yesterday evening, with rays of sunshine in the clouds!

Flamand has changed quite a lot since this winter.
Accumulation of sand on one end, and quite some place issue on the Isle de France and Taiwana side!
Almost no place for beach chairs anymore there…

This morning was again a dream for our eyes, strong Caribbean colors….

Almost nobody on the beach, excepted some seabirds

Day 4 – Infinity pool and Saline

As usual, a new rented villa (we like to change every time), this time again in the Pointe Milou sector.
Really nice, spectacular view combined with an infinity pool…

Very hot day, windy. First visit to Saline beach.
Cars are now properly blocked at the entrance path, which was completely renovated.
Very nice, with a lot of new young palm trees planted on the left and right.
The beach was also cleaned up (see below) by the "Beach Cleaner".
We haven’t seen this beach so clean since years….

Day 3 – Sunset, Grand fond, Shell beach

Yesterday evening, again a cool sunset (I took my chance a bird in one of my picture)

Today, quite an intensive day :-)
We went for the natural pools stroll this morning, I think the first time we met … nobody!
The 3 of us like very much the start with the beautiful path after the parking.

Actually, we only met … some cows searching for some shadow

Quite a strong ocean today, Washing Machine was very impressive!

Then, a visit to Shell beach, as Julien wanted to have lunch at Do Brazil for Saint Julien’s Day (he loves the Angus cheeseburger).

Day 2 – Morning rainbow and Gouverneur beach

This morning we had a quite strong shower and immediately afterwards, a nice great rainbow.

Some minutes later, the landscape has evolved and was divided in two pieces: sunny + rainy/rainbow!

Later on, first visit to Gouverneur beach.
Hot, almost no wave, fantastic colors as usual….

Day 1 – Thunderstorm in St Martin, first sunset

Writing this from the terrace of our villa (nice one, more to come) with a good cigar, after our usual great dinner at Hideaway.
Marché U and Maya’s-to-go definitely helped to enter the right island groove :-)

First planteur, first vanilla rum, quite a lot of known faces.
First jump in the nice infinity swimming-pool, perfect temperature, we feel good….

Travel would have been totally uneventful if we would not have experienced our first thunderstorm in Saint Martin. Actually we were already in our Winair plane when the pilot decided that we should better wait. See the picture below, good idea indeed!

So, our arrival was delayed from 1h, but who cares :-) Cloudy flight between Saint Martin and Saint Barth.

The villa at Pointe Milou has an amazing view and we could attend to our first Caribbean sunset-show before visiting "le Grand Anglais" (who was not there this night), wow…

Now jet-lagged, tired, but soooo happy :-)

Day 0 – Out of office activated

I like so much to be able to press this button :-)

So, tomorrow we are flying to Saint Barth, luggage ready, the 3 of us totally excited as it would be the first time. 12th visit there, still the same *feeling of happiness* (you know what I mean). And yes, feeling lucky for sure also…
So glad that I will be able to: take time with family, discuss during hours and hours about the “right” beach and restaurant each day, take some pictures & videos, smoke some good cigars, taste some new rums, read & sleep a lot, discover again the island, simply have fun :-)

See you on the other side!

Habawaba U11 – Finales et cérémonie

Samedi, dernière journée à Habawaba et nous voilà transformés en plagistes:

Et en supporters de Marseille (quart, demi et finale de la poule haute en U11 et finale en U9). Eh oui, vu la dominance en nombre de nos amis italiens, toutes les voix françaises étaient les bienvenues pour les supporters…

La finale U11 a été encore une fois une expérience monstrueuse! Plus de 1500 spectateurs pour assister à ce match qui a été selon les commentateurs italiens la meilleure finale Habawaba. Nos amis marseillais ont malheureusement perdu 10 – 7 contre l’équipe italienne de Savona, malgré tous les efforts de la “star” de Marseille, Thomas Vernoux, meilleur marqueur de la compétition et reconnu par tous, y compris l’équipe de Savona qui est venue le féliciter ce dimanche matin au petit-déjeuner, comme étant de loin le meilleur joueur de cette compétition. Un régal pour les yeux! A noter que Savona avait gagné la compétition U9 il y a 2 ans avec la même équipe…

Thomas Vernoux sur un des pénalties

La finale U9 où Marseille était aussi présente a également été perdue contre Salerno (score: 4 – 1).

Nos U11 du Mulhouse WaterPolo se sont ensuite préparés pour la cérémonie de clotûre avec le T-shirt officiel de la compétition.

Et quelle cérémonie! Tout d’abord faire rentrer parents, enfants, coachs et officiels dans une grande salle de sport couverte. Ensuite distribuer tous les prix aux officiels et aux teams, presque 3h de show. Vraiment impressionant!

Tout le monde est prêt pour la cérémonie

La salle pleine à ras bord

Nos U11 qui reçoivent leurs coupe, médailles et diplômes

Juste après la remise devant les drapeaux

Le team U11 avec coupe et médailles!

A noter que de très nombreux officiels de la FINA (Fédération Internationale de NAtation), de la LEN (Ligue Européenne de Natation), ainsi que des “légendes” du water-polo (Perica Bukić, Roberto Calcaterra, Ratko Rudić) ont participé à la cérémonie.

Nous voilà tous de retour à Mulhouse, trajet sans souci.

Que de souvenirs! Cette semaine fut absolument extraordinaire pour tous!

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