SBH 2014 – Day 10

Toiny’s stroll is still fascinating.
Completely alone, awesome lights and colors.
The wild side of Saint Barth attracted us again :-)
Also a good location for some family pictures…

Walk on the wild side

From Pointe à Toiny

Toiny’s wave

Mother and son…

Father and son…

SBH 2014 – Day 7 (part I)

One of our preferred strolls on the island, always varying.
This morning, the light was great, as the waves.

We’ve never seen so many goats and kid goats…

First part about the stroll and landscape.

Cows under palm trees

Mix of colors


Beautiful coast

Natural pools

SBH 2014 – Day 6

Wow, back to Colombier… In a sense, we have managed to forget how far this beach is just exceptional. We continued the stroll on the right (coming from Petite Anse), in the direction of “La Pointe à Colombier”, on the little hill dominating Colombier and Anse Paschal.
No question why Colombier is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful beach!

Rocks and the Atlantic ocean

Both sides…

Overview of Anse de Colombier

These colors!

Petite Anse as a nice finish

SBH 2014 – Day 5

Fantastic morning at Gouverneur beach. We really like this beach, so beautiful…

And funny, as the waves were there.
I totally destroyed my swimsuit while playing in the waves with Julien, hilarious moment :-)

Waves – Part I

Waves – Part II

Waves and clouds – Part I

Waves and clouds – Part II

SBH 2014 – Day 4

Rain, clouds, sunrise!

Strong heavy rain showers in the morning, very windy, and then a cloudy afternoon.
As usual in the Caribbean, the sun is coming back quickly, with a fantastic sunrise.

Heavy rain

Cloudy stroll at Flamand beach


Sunrise, another perspective

SBH 2014 – Day 3

Shiny Saline!

This windy morning has helped us to completely take the Saint Barth groove.
Slow down the rhythm to align with the island vibes.
Carpe diem :-)

Ahh this sandy track!

So great shiny colors…

Waves one after the other

Wave curve on the beach