Day 11 – Sunset (kind of), cinema, Saline beach

Quite interesting lights yesterday evening as a kind of “pre-sunset” scene.
Spectacular sun rays…

We were at the open-air cinema organized by the AJOE association.
Their new all numeric installation is just fantastic (image and sound), wow!

Today, again hot and windy day, at Saline beach.
Funny waves!

Day 10 – Lorient beach, Autour du Rocher

Today, the sun is back (and the high temperature, wow)!
So our first visit to the Lorient beach, very cool beach. I met there a SBHonline forum member from LA with his 2 sons, nice discussion :-)
And definitely a great beach!

We could still visit normally "Autour du Rocher", nobody was working there today.
Some pictures of the renovation (?) work there…

Day 8 – Sunset, stroll Grand Cul de Sac to Petit Cul de Sac

Again an enormous sunset. I hope you don’t start to get bored, we don’t ;-)

Morning stroll from Grand Cul de Sac to Petit Cul de Sac, very windy (refreshing!), wild and volcanic in the middle. Just fantastic…

Day 6 – Sunset, Carribean lights on Flamand beach

Again, a great sunset yesterday evening, with rays of sunshine in the clouds!

Flamand has changed quite a lot since this winter.
Accumulation of sand on one end, and quite some place issue on the Isle de France and Taiwana side!
Almost no place for beach chairs anymore there…

This morning was again a dream for our eyes, strong Caribbean colors….

Almost nobody on the beach, excepted some seabirds

Day 4 – Infinity pool and Saline

As usual, a new rented villa (we like to change every time), this time again in the Pointe Milou sector.
Really nice, spectacular view combined with an infinity pool…

Very hot day, windy. First visit to Saline beach.
Cars are now properly blocked at the entrance path, which was completely renovated.
Very nice, with a lot of new young palm trees planted on the left and right.
The beach was also cleaned up (see below) by the "Beach Cleaner".
We haven’t seen this beach so clean since years….

Day 3 – Sunset, Grand fond, Shell beach

Yesterday evening, again a cool sunset (I took my chance a bird in one of my picture)

Today, quite an intensive day :-)
We went for the natural pools stroll this morning, I think the first time we met … nobody!
The 3 of us like very much the start with the beautiful path after the parking.

Actually, we only met … some cows searching for some shadow

Quite a strong ocean today, Washing Machine was very impressive!

Then, a visit to Shell beach, as Julien wanted to have lunch at Do Brazil for Saint Julien’s Day (he loves the Angus cheeseburger).

Day 2 – Morning rainbow and Gouverneur beach

This morning we had a quite strong shower and immediately afterwards, a nice great rainbow.

Some minutes later, the landscape has evolved and was divided in two pieces: sunny + rainy/rainbow!

Later on, first visit to Gouverneur beach.
Hot, almost no wave, fantastic colors as usual….