Happy New Year 2014!

I like this image (not just because it is in Saint Barth) mixing rain / bad weather (2nd half of 2013), rainbow (the last weeks) and the good weather which is coming now (2014!).

A BIG THANK to all of you for your much appreciated support during the last months and weeks.

Let’s say bye bye to 2013, and let’s warmly welcome this New Year 2014. Wishing all a Happy New Year, one that is filled with health, happiness and joy!

Saint Barth 2014 booked ;-)

Ok so, now our reservation for Saint Barth in Feb 2014 is successfully closed :-) Quite late, but happier than ever to be able to book this one! This will be a very special trip for the 3 of us!
As usual for such kind of late reservation, we could book a brand new villa which was recently finished, high in the hills of Vitet, with a very cool infinity pool (17m), and a 180° view from Grand Cul de Sac to the green valley of Grand Fond, including views of the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts.

Day 15 – Moonlight, panorama and … bye bye!

Very nice moonlight yesterday evening on Lorient and Saint Jean!

We will miss this fantastic panoramic view on Lorient, Saint Jean, Anse des Cayes, Ile Bonhomme, Ile Frégate, Ile Pelé, Ile le Boulanger and Saint Martin.
One of the craziest view we ever had on the island….

And yes, we will fly back to France in a few hours…
What for a 2-weeks stay again…
Absolutely rested and full of energy, but sad to be at the end (even if we know that we were lucky to be able to be there again) of our holidays…
Hopefully we have enough reserve of Caribbean colors for some months :-)
Bye bye!

Day 11 – Sunset (kind of), cinema, Saline beach

Quite interesting lights yesterday evening as a kind of “pre-sunset” scene.
Spectacular sun rays…

We were at the open-air cinema organized by the AJOE association.
Their new all numeric installation is just fantastic (image and sound), wow!

Today, again hot and windy day, at Saline beach.
Funny waves!

Day 10 – Lorient beach, Autour du Rocher

Today, the sun is back (and the high temperature, wow)!
So our first visit to the Lorient beach, very cool beach. I met there a SBHonline forum member from LA with his 2 sons, nice discussion :-)
And definitely a great beach!

We could still visit normally "Autour du Rocher", nobody was working there today.
Some pictures of the renovation (?) work there…

Day 8 – Sunset, stroll Grand Cul de Sac to Petit Cul de Sac

Again an enormous sunset. I hope you don’t start to get bored, we don’t ;-)

Morning stroll from Grand Cul de Sac to Petit Cul de Sac, very windy (refreshing!), wild and volcanic in the middle. Just fantastic…