Innoveo joins Pactera!

As some of you already know, we have joined the US/Chinese PacteraGroup since January 1, 2014. Innoveo Solutions will be renamed in Pactera Switzerland, our software product name remains "Innoveo Skye". The whole team remains in Zurich, Switzerland and will be empowered in the coming time. We are very happy to be able to join these 20’000 people company and to profit from Pactera’s Sales und big customers’ base! Our next coming months will be very exciting, also by entering the Asia Pacific markets. Also a very solid constellation for our existing customers.

Comme certains le savent déjà, nous avons décidé de rejoindre le Groupe sino-américain Pactera au 1er janvier 2014. Innoveo Solutions sera renommé Pactera Switzerland, le nom du logiciel reste "Innoveo Skye". Le team reste à Zürich et sera augmenté dans les prochains temps. Nous sommes très heureux de pouvoir nous joindre à ce groupe de plus de 20’000 employés et de profiter de la puissance de vente et des clients existants de Pactera! Les prochains mois s’annoncent plus qu’existants, tout comme les premières acquisitions en Asie. Cette constellation est aussi très intéressante pour nos clients existants.

Press Release English:

Press Release en français:

SBH 2014 – Countdown, one month!

Wow, this year is very special, as we had to wait until the last “minute” to know if we can make it or not for Saint Barth (some business stuff to clarify ;-). Which is making our coming 2-weeks travel to SBH even more exciting!

This uncertainty during the last months (can we go? umh, sh… still have to wait a bit more) was actually interesting and we are so happy now to have the chance again to go “there”…

Happy New Year 2014!

I like this image (not just because it is in Saint Barth) mixing rain / bad weather (2nd half of 2013), rainbow (the last weeks) and the good weather which is coming now (2014!).

A BIG THANK to all of you for your much appreciated support during the last months and weeks.

Let’s say bye bye to 2013, and let’s warmly welcome this New Year 2014. Wishing all a Happy New Year, one that is filled with health, happiness and joy!

Saint Barth 2014 booked ;-)

Ok so, now our reservation for Saint Barth in Feb 2014 is successfully closed :-) Quite late, but happier than ever to be able to book this one! This will be a very special trip for the 3 of us!
As usual for such kind of late reservation, we could book a brand new villa which was recently finished, high in the hills of Vitet, with a very cool infinity pool (17m), and a 180° view from Grand Cul de Sac to the green valley of Grand Fond, including views of the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts.

Day 15 – Moonlight, panorama and … bye bye!

Very nice moonlight yesterday evening on Lorient and Saint Jean!

We will miss this fantastic panoramic view on Lorient, Saint Jean, Anse des Cayes, Ile Bonhomme, Ile Frégate, Ile Pelé, Ile le Boulanger and Saint Martin.
One of the craziest view we ever had on the island….

And yes, we will fly back to France in a few hours…
What for a 2-weeks stay again…
Absolutely rested and full of energy, but sad to be at the end (even if we know that we were lucky to be able to be there again) of our holidays…
Hopefully we have enough reserve of Caribbean colors for some months :-)
Bye bye!