sbh2015 – day 6 // saint jean pélican, do brazil, shell beach

Another great day in paradise…
This morning, we’ve visited another beach, Saint Jean Pélican, very nice lights and colors again. By swimming with Julien, we’ve realized how far sea-grasses there almost disappeared. Very few fish, no turtle, only a little ray.

Saint Jean Pélican

Palm trees shadow


After some showers, we’ve left the beach for an excellent lunch at Do Brazil! We really like this place very much.

The view remains unique…

Saint Barth is family-time for us!

We’ve then visited the Fort Carl above Shell Beach. Funny that it’s the first in 14 visits to Saint Barth that we went there :-) A must-see actually! The view over Shell Beach is just stunning…

Shell Beach from Fort Carl

Another view of Shell Beach

Fort Carl, the other side

The path is now great and there are quite a lot of information all along (trees, flora, etc).

Renovated path to Fort Carl

This evening, no restaurant, as we will go to the cinema in Lorient (if it’s not raining) ;-)

sbh2015 – day 4 // gouverneur, sunset

Covered sky this morning with some showers, so first we went shopping to the MarchéU, still difficult to find Diet Coke bottles :-)
After some readings near the swimming-pool, we went to Gouverneur. No seaweed on the beach, some pieces in the sea but nothing disturbing.
The arrival from the top was just taking my breath away… Simply gorgeous colors…
The beach was almost empty (people are really coming late, which is perfect), a strong funny shower later, readings for the 3 of us, water-polo with Julien in the waves again.

Entering the beach

Almost nobody in the morning

Quite a lot of birds fishing

Caribbean colors

Walking on the wild side

From the other side…

Sunset pictures from yesterday

Still trying snorkeling at Marigot but the visibility is not good enough. I don’t give up.
This evening, dinner at Maya’s, miam!

Day 15 – Moonlight, panorama and … bye bye!

Very nice moonlight yesterday evening on Lorient and Saint Jean!

We will miss this fantastic panoramic view on Lorient, Saint Jean, Anse des Cayes, Ile Bonhomme, Ile Frégate, Ile Pelé, Ile le Boulanger and Saint Martin.
One of the craziest view we ever had on the island….

And yes, we will fly back to France in a few hours…
What for a 2-weeks stay again…
Absolutely rested and full of energy, but sad to be at the end (even if we know that we were lucky to be able to be there again) of our holidays…
Hopefully we have enough reserve of Caribbean colors for some months :-)
Bye bye!

Day 17 – Last hours in Saint Barth…

So, as planned, a good breakfast from Maya’s to go on the Saint Jean Beach. Nice!

"Usual" spectacle there!

Last vibrant Caribbean colors.

Wow, now we have to go back to "reality" ;-)
Next trip already booked, in less than 6 months (first 2 weeks of August). This helps!

Day 13 – Rough sea, Shell beach and Gouverneur

That was again a full intense Saint Barth day ;-)
First a 3h Skype with Dubai and Zurich in the morning for the business, okay okay…
But then, an absolutely great beach lunch at Shell Beach (Do Brazil).
Shell beach was quite rough, but so brilliant!

Then, after lunch, a cool visit to Gouverneur beach.
Wow, great waves, rough, funny.

Day 12 – Flea market and nice trees in Colombier

There was an interesting flea market in Colombier yesterday, cool feeling.
We found some stuff for Julien, it didn’t happen so often that he is getting something back from our Saint Barth shopping!

Little stroll from the villa (we are not so far ;-) where we see two marvelous trees (some of you know them well for sure).