sbh2015 – day 5 // saint jean, mosquitoes

Again a windy day, but no covered sky and no showers (yet).
As the 3 of us have little sunburns, we decided not to go for another stroll this morning.
Coming from the European grey winter to the Caribbean sun is definitely a challenge for our skins…

After 5 days, I have to say: not so many mosquitoes this year. At the villa and other places. Perhaps also due to the wind?
So we headed towards Saint Jean beach (airport side, not Pelican).
Take-off spectacle is still great, as this beach and its beautiful colors and sand.
Again a good water polo training in the waves. I have to admit I have started to have muscle aches after 3 days :-)
Still very funny.


Nice beach with the Eden Rock

Sand and light reflection

Sand and light reflection (bis)

These colors!

And transparency…

The (now famous) fences are really blocking for making the stroll on the whole beach.
The landing strip is now well protected (too much?).

Fences to protect the landing area 

We’ve seen a lot of turtles in the Bay this afternoon, so I will re-try some snorkeling but not today anymore.
This evening, dinner at Bonito in Gustavia.

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