Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 6

Another hot & sunny day! "Family" beach today, i.e. the whole morning at Saint Jean Pelican. Very quiet actually, with less families with kids as in February/March. Tomorrow (Wednesday) should be a rainy day… Good for shopping, let’s see!

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 5

Wonderful day, sunny, hot, the right day for Colombier ;-) It was just great, specially early in the morning (we were on the beach at about 08:20).

The walk was … different, as everything is super green!

The ocean was very calm with almost no swell, i.e. the underwater visibility was very high, pictures later this week.

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 0

Wow this time I really had a hard time to close everything on the business side :-) I have to wake up in 3.5 hours to start our (long) trip to Saint Barth. Tropical storm Emily will make the stuff more interesting, let’s see…

Will post regularly some pictures for sure.

Super excited to be able to go there again this year with my wife and son. We just need this strong get-together :-) Really had also to rest physically, just too many hours in the last months. Exciting stuff, but still exhausted…

Take care and see you on the other side!

Photos: copyright SiBarth

Life is too short – Saint Barth in 2 weeks

As life is too short, and after a (very) fast “family discussion” for a while, we have decided all three together that it is the right moment to return to Saint Barth a second time this year. And this, in exactly two weeks (we will arrive on August 3)!

We are all three just super mega happy, starting to prepare us for our coming stay in paradise.

It seems that the island is very green, so hopefully new perspectives for new pictures ;-)


(writing this post near our fireplace, strange cold summer here in Alsace/France…)

Saint Barth 2011 – Day 17

To celebrate the “first week over and back to work”, I would like to share these pictures taken from the plane just after the take off from Saint Barth. My personal mood at this time was, how to express that?, not the best moment of these fantastic holidays…

Saint Barth from the plane