Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 14


So, yesterday (Wednesday) was our last full day in Saint Barth, whole morning at Saline, again. Very breezy, quite a lot of seaweeds on the beach, less in the water ;-) Crazy how this evolved within 2 days!



Today, we are flying back to France, holidays are over! Almost 24 hours of travel, brrr… We were again at Le Gaiac yesterday evening, just great moment and the right place to "close" our stay in Saint Barth.

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 13

Wow, writing this post from the terrace, protected from the heavy rain showers, eating a banana ice cream from "Le Petit Deauville". So, no beach today, as we went for shopping this morning (very breezy), and had a good lunch at Le Repaire.

Open air cinema

So, back to one event on Sunday evening: we were for the first time at the Open air cinema (AJOE in Lorient), which was a great experience (movie was X-Men the Origins, in French ;-). First you have to take a chair and to choose the place where you want to put your chair, very funny (see below). The sky was enough clear – almost full moon – to see a lot of stars. I was quite disturb by this nice spectacle in the sky beside the movie itself!!

Villa nightly shots

I have also done some pictures by night from the villa in the last days. As a reminder, I took these pictures at 11pm, i.e. it was fully dark ;-)

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 12

Very sunny and hot morning today, this afternoon, heavy rains, so a very long nap for the whole family!

Now sitting on the terrace with a Romeo y Julieta & a Rhum Vanille, a lot of lightnings on the ocean, but without rain till now, listening to U2/The Joshua Tree.

Life is good :-)

This morning, we were first at the Corossol beach. Really marvelous again, but a very tiny beach actually. So, after a while, we decided to go back to Saline… Pffuuu, again fantastic colors, some funny waves to play with my son.



Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 10

Again a very hot and sunny day, this time … with a lot of seaweeds on Flamands beach. Still very calm and clear, but on the "right side" of the beach (near the hotel Isle de France). The other side was really full of seaweeds… This is something new for us at Saint Barth. No jellyfish but seaweeds this year!

Seaweeds at Flamands

Crystal clear Flamands

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 8

Wow, that was a super sunny warm day :-) Definitely warmer now than in February, outch! And definitely much more mosquitos as ever!

Seems that we are really lucky with the weather as June/July was quite terrible on the island for tourists, not for locals and their water citterns, as for the nature! Everything is so green, crazy.

We were today at Lorient beach, long walk on the beach, almost nobody there. Good day ;-)

Left side

Right side

From the "top" left side

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 6

Another hot & sunny day! "Family" beach today, i.e. the whole morning at Saint Jean Pelican. Very quiet actually, with less families with kids as in February/March. Tomorrow (Wednesday) should be a rainy day… Good for shopping, let’s see!

Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 5

Wonderful day, sunny, hot, the right day for Colombier ;-) It was just great, specially early in the morning (we were on the beach at about 08:20).

The walk was … different, as everything is super green!

The ocean was very calm with almost no swell, i.e. the underwater visibility was very high, pictures later this week.