Saint Barth Summer 2011 – Day 13

Wow, writing this post from the terrace, protected from the heavy rain showers, eating a banana ice cream from "Le Petit Deauville". So, no beach today, as we went for shopping this morning (very breezy), and had a good lunch at Le Repaire.

Open air cinema

So, back to one event on Sunday evening: we were for the first time at the Open air cinema (AJOE in Lorient), which was a great experience (movie was X-Men the Origins, in French ;-). First you have to take a chair and to choose the place where you want to put your chair, very funny (see below). The sky was enough clear – almost full moon – to see a lot of stars. I was quite disturb by this nice spectacle in the sky beside the movie itself!!

Villa nightly shots

I have also done some pictures by night from the villa in the last days. As a reminder, I took these pictures at 11pm, i.e. it was fully dark ;-)

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