Day 17 – Last hours in Saint Barth…

So, as planned, a good breakfast from Maya’s to go on the Saint Jean Beach. Nice!

"Usual" spectacle there!

Last vibrant Caribbean colors.

Wow, now we have to go back to "reality" ;-)
Next trip already booked, in less than 6 months (first 2 weeks of August). This helps!

Day 16 – Toiny’s stroll and Saline

Outch, last dinner and last cigar on the terrace in Saint Barth…
Again a full intensive day with first the Toiny’s stroll in the morning and then, the last visit to Saline beach.
Tomorrow afternoon, we will fly back to our cold home sweet home, brrr.
Everything is prepared so that we will be able to have a cool breakfast and a last morning on the beach.
And then, bye bye!

Toiny’s stroll

Saline beach

Day 13 – Rough sea, Shell beach and Gouverneur

That was again a full intense Saint Barth day ;-)
First a 3h Skype with Dubai and Zurich in the morning for the business, okay okay…
But then, an absolutely great beach lunch at Shell Beach (Do Brazil).
Shell beach was quite rough, but so brilliant!

Then, after lunch, a cool visit to Gouverneur beach.
Wow, great waves, rough, funny.

Day 12 – Flea market and nice trees in Colombier

There was an interesting flea market in Colombier yesterday, cool feeling.
We found some stuff for Julien, it didn’t happen so often that he is getting something back from our Saint Barth shopping!

Little stroll from the villa (we are not so far ;-) where we see two marvelous trees (some of you know them well for sure).

Day 11 – Known and new (at least for us!) views of Colombier

We were at 08.15 already in Colombier, quite motivated ;-)
Alone excepted the boats, for a while.
Windy morning but the sea was beautiful and flat.

And we took the path up to the right (when you arrive at Colombier from Petite Anse).
Great views on the left (Petite Anse, Flamand) and on the right (the beautiful Anse de Colombier).

And Petite Anse, as usual, just fantastic!

Day 10 – Pélican beach et table d’orientation

PĂ©lican beach, aka Saint Jean…
Quite funny, nobody there in the early morning, and then the rush of families and Nikki Beach people (we prefer the families…). Ocean was very calm this morning.

Table d’orientation (how do you call it in English?)

Petite Anse, Flamands…


Already 10 days arrrgggg….