sbh2015 – day 3 // GCdS stroll, rough sea, Flamands

During our nice dinner yesterday evening at Eden Rock, we have decided to go for a combination for today: first the Grand-Cul-de-Sac – Petit-Cul-de-Sac stroll early in the morning and then, Flamands. Again quite a windy day with a rough sea.
The stroll was really so great this year! Brilliant lights, very big waves to entertain us :-) We had all 3 really a blast and were impressed by this beauty, even if it’s definitely not the first time we did this stroll!

Between Grand and Petit Cul-de-Sac, with the island “La Tortue” behind

Nice waves

A rock hit by big waves

When two waves meet themselves…

Wave before the crash

At the back, Petit Cul-de-Sac, and some old stone walls

Then back to Grand Cul-de-Sac

After the stroll, we were heading to Flamands beach. Again, the full program there: readings, siesta, water polo in the waves.

Flamands beach

Back home for lunch, we’ve stayed at the villa the whole afternoon. First short snorkeling (visibility still not ok) at Marigot Bay and dinner at Côté-Port in Gustavia.
With a beautiful sunset just before leaving….

day03 portfolio is here (lots of waves pictures):…Dailies/Day03/

sbh2015 – day 2 // sunrise, saline

Second day in paradise, we have now fully adopted the island groove, cool!
The day started with a fantastic sunrise at about 06:30 when I was going to the bakery passing through Grand Fond. And even better a bit later at Toiny.

Sunrise at Grand Fond

Sunrise at Toiny

After a good breakfast, we have decided ourselves for Saline. We were there at about 08:00. Nobody – actually one car and one person swimming! It seemed that it has rained just before we arrived. The beach is quite clean, a bit of seaweeds (small pieces, really) and a pile of on the far end right on the beach, almost nothing in the water. Quite a windy morning with funny waves. We have started our “vacation” water-polo training (I mean for Julien, not for me :-), was super funny in the waves, lot of laughs!

Saline this morning when we arrived

Saline – Waves

Saline – Fantastic colors

After a lunch at home, we stayed there and profit from our swimming-pool with its fantastic view on Anse de Marigot.


Then first shopping at Saint Jean and diner at Eden Rock (more on this later).
What for a day :-) I’m sure I will sleep like a baby.

sbh2015 – Day 01

Late afternoon landing in St Barth :-)
Quite a stress this year to leave home, uneventful travel including luggage.
Quite a windy afternoon (interesting landing with several strong turbulence over La Tourmente) but umhhhh aaahhhh, so warm here. :-)
First known faces at the airport which is helping to enter the SBH groove.
We got our Mini and went to our rented villa (this year at Marigot), first pictures – sunset. Wow.
Then, a quick (good) diner at Le Bouchon and “un petit tour” at Lorient’s supermarket, as it’s open till 9pm.
Some little rains, but you know, the warm ones!
Good cigar (Montecristo) on the terrace with a first Rhum Vanille from La Gloriette eheh.
Slowing down and fighting against jetlag.
H a p p y!

Bye bye Saint Martin (nice renovation in the airport), first nice lights

You know you are at the end of the long journey when you see…

We arrived in the villa with *this* view (part of SBH groove)

Captured just before the night (I think we will have fun with this villa)

To be continued….

Saint Barth 2015 – Countdown started

Minus 2 months

In exactly 2 months from today, we will start our usual long travel to the Caribbean for our 14-days visit of our preferred little island.

We could reserve and rent a villa we wanted to go for quite a long time. For the first time in 14 trips that we have a direct access to the ocean and Marigot Bay, part of the marine nature reserve and well-known as one of the best place for snorkeling!


Les U9 du Mulhouse Water-Polo

Vendredi soir, j’ai pu assister pour la première fois à l’entraînement des U9 du Mulhouse Water-polo.
Incroyablement bluffant! Thierry Estebe (directeur sportif du Mulhouse Water-Polo), leur entraîneur, fait un travail exceptionnel avec les tous jeunes du club, vraiment super….
Nos “p’tits jeunes” sont tous très concentrés et impliqués tout au long de l’entraînement. Déjà de vraies postures de poloistes “comme les grands”!
Et déjà 2 entraînements par semaine.
Je suis jaloux, j’aurai bien aimé aussi commencer à cet âge, et pas à 42 ans, ahah!
Entre les équipes de U9, U13, U15, U17, l’équipe 1 & 2 senior, et nous les “U65/loisir”, la boucle est bouclée!

Toutes les photos sont là:

Mulhouse Water-polo, journée du 13 décembre 2014

Avec du retard, je reviens sur les deux matchs de samedi du Mulhouse Water-polo:

  • L’équipe2 senior gagne nettement contre Dole en N3 19 à 4. Match bien maîtrisé de bout en bout!
  • L’équipe1 qui perd 11 à 13 contre Taverny en N1. Belle progression à nouveau malgré l’absence de Nicolas et Nicolas Il ne manquait pas grand chose encore une fois contre une belle équipe efficace et plus expérimentée. On y croit, ça avance!

Photos de l’équipe2:…/20142015/MWP-N3-Dole/

Photos de l’équipe1:…/20142015/MWP-Taverny/

Coupe de France des Régions 14 ans

Le Mulhouse Water-polo organise la Coupe de France des Régions 14 ans à Mulhouse. 14 régions engagées, de très bons/beaux matchs.

Le tournoi se terminera ce dimanche.

Quelques photos du match Alsace – Aquitaine remporté par l’équipe d’Alsace 14 à 4 mercredi après-midi.

Toutes les photos sont ici:égions-14/

Derniers matchs des MWP U13 cette année

Dimanche dernier, derniers matchs de l’équipe1 des U13 du Mulhouse Water-polo à Strasbourg. Match perdu contre Belfort, et match nul contre Strasbourg (certains de nos joueurs étant déjà en route pour Habawaba International Festival).

Nos U13 terminent 3è de la Zone Est derrières Belfort et Longwy.