sbh2015 – day 9 // toiny’s stroll, les petites anses, corossol beach

Again a very “intensive” day in Saint Barth :-)

We’ve started the day with our typical Toiny’s stroll. But this time, we’ve continued the path along “Les Petites Anses” and come back by the road from Le Toiny. At least doubling the duration of the stroll, but what for a landscape! Really the wild part of Saint Barth… What a pity that a part of the hill there seems to be used as a dump for rubble. Don’t know if it’s “official” or just used “as is”. Really degrading the nature and the landscape. An awful contrast to the beauty of Les Petites Anses…

Starting the stroll with a view on Grand Fond Stranded boat on Toiny’s beach Path among rocks First view on Les Petites Anses Nice place for a quick portrait A wave of Petites Anses Another nice wave Overlooking Les Petites Anses View from above of Toiny Bay Toiny contrast of colors

After the long stroll, we were heading to the calm and colorful Corossol beach.

Corossol beach

And a nice dinner at Pipiri Palace to finish properly this day!

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