Saint Barth 2012 – Day 0

What a wonderful feeling!! In a bit more than one day (i.e. on Wednesday evening) we will be in Saint Barth :-) After 6 months, being able to go there again is just a fantastic dream for the three of us. We are just … happy!

This stay is quite a special one, as we have some particular figures to celebrate: 2x 10, 1x 15, 2x 40. Our son’s 10th Birthday, our 15th Wedding Anniversary, our 40th Birthdays (my wife and myself), and finally…. the 10th time we are on the Island ;-)

The 10th time we are going back to Saint Barth, wow. We would have laughed at you some years ago if you would have told us: “you will return 10 times on the same 25km2 island”!

But perhaps by being a bit more precise, saying that there are so many great restaurants, a so nice weather during this winter time. Explaining that you can find 14 completely different beaches, so many crazy and colorful views and villas. Stressing the fact that you will meet nice and lovely people, that you can shop, drink superb rums, smoke crazy cigars at night on the villa terrace with millions of stars in the sky, read a lot of books. And finally, just having some time for you and for your beloveds…. Wow, it sounds immediately different, no? ;-)

As usual, I’m also very excited to have time to photograph this nice place and to share some of our good “human moments” with you.

(Pointe Toiny, August 2011)

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