Saint Barth 2012 – Day 17

So, last breakfast and beach in paradise :-(
Last lunch at the Airport in some hours.

It’s time to travel back home (Winair at 14:45 today). I mean the “other” home…

Our 10th time in St Barth was quite exceptional, such a cool and serene time again. Having time with wife and son, time to play with Julien, to read (12 books, not bad this year), to photograph, to post here, to have nice dinners, to drive around the island, to have some naps after the cigars and rum. Pfffuuu :-)

I’m sure that we will keep the hike with Hélène Bernier as highlight in our mind. And I’m also sure that I will miss the fantastic Caribbean colors and Saint Barth views…

The return is always quite difficult, but hey, we were again lucky enough to be able to come to Saint Barth!

To close this series, I think that some sunsets could be quite adequate. So, 3 of them to share!

Sunset at Public

Sunset at Grand Fond

Sunset at the lighthouse

Saint Barth 2012 – Day 16

We had some rain showers almost all the nights during our stay.
Then, very sunny and breezy days, excepted yesterday.
Three times wet in one day ;-)
And rain showers and sun at the same time in the afternoon!

Last night in Saint Barth, we are flying back tomorrow afternoon!

Saint Barth 2012 – Day 12

Yesterday we had a colorful stroll around the Grand Cul de Sac bay.
It was the first time we were walking in the direction of Petit Cul de Sac from there.
Really beautiful colors and views, very "wild".

It was also the first time we saw the ocean waves crashing directly in the rocks.
Quite impressive.

Saint Barth 2012 – Day 10

Yesterday morning was definitely a “highlight” on the island!

We were with Hélène Bernier from Easy Time for a hike to the Morne de Grand Fond.

Quite physical, but so crazy views on Saint Barth!! And Hélène is really such a nice person. Always something interesting to show or to explain concerning the animals and the plants.

The 360° view on the top of the Morne de Grand Fond is breath-taking, absolutely fantastic.

Les Salines, Saint-Jean, Lorient

Saline beach

Saint-Jean, Lorient

Morne de Vitet, Grand Fond, Morne Rouge

Morne de Grand Fond, Morne Rouge