Canon vs. Nikon

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No no, I’m not entering the religion fight between the Canon and Nikon fans ;-) As you may know, I’m a happy Canon user for years now, and with the time, you get used to the interface of Canon or Nikon cameras and, if you have some good expensive lenses, you are so or so stuck with one or the other.

There are for sure some detailed differences between both brands, but generally speaking, both have very happy users since years…

What I haven’t realized, on the other hand, is the difference of size between both companies. Actually, Canon is much bigger than Nikon and is selling 4x more DSLR than Nikon! That was not clear for me, always had the impression that both are more or less of equal size…

  Nikon Canon
Founded in 1910 1937
Number of employees ~ 26’000 ~ 197’000
Revenues on cameras
4.8 bn EUR
4.8 bn EUR
12.1 bn EUR
11.5 bn EUR
Revenues on DSLR
2.1 bn EUR
1.9 bn EUR
7.9 bn EUR
8.1 bn EUR

Provence, Baux-de-Provence, Saint Rémy, …

We could have some days off end of April at Les Baux-de-Provence in South-East of France / Provence. A real nice stay actually! I finally invest the time to post-produce my photos. This time, no big equipment, just my little Canon S90 and DxO…

Ousteau de Baumanière

Ousteau de Baumanière, an excellent hotel, perfectly positioned near les Baux-de-Provence, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (which is much nicer than les Baux, too much touristic and artificial for our taste), les Alpilles, Avignon, etc. Service was really great, as the room we had. Two restaurants in the hotel, both worth a visit ;-) L’Ousteau itself which is a 2* Michelin, absolutely fantastic, and la Cabro d’Or, a 1* Michelin, which is also very interesting. We had there a “vertical” degustation menu with 10 dishes all based on different excellent local olive oils, including the dessert!

hotel ousteau de baumanière

hotel ousteau de baumanière garden

hotel ousteau de baumanière swimming pool

hotel ousteau de baumanière swimming pool

hotel ousteau de baumanière restaurant



baux-de-provence village

baux-de-provence village

baux-de-provence by night


Oppède le Vieux

A small village in the Luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

oppède le vieux luberon

Olive groves

This region is a kind of paradise for people (like me) that likes olive oils. A lot of small producers, so many different tastes, pure happiness!

olive grove

Les Alpilles

les alpilles

les alpilles

les alpilles


You can find the whole Baux-de-Provence portfolio here.

Happy happy happy :-)

You know what? I’m just happy :-) And I would like to share that with you.
I have closed Outlook, sent my last professional emails, activated the “out-of-office” message, had the last telephone calls, and now I am on HOLIDAYS for 2.5 weeks!!

And just starting to realize that tomorrow I will be in Saint Barth with my wife and my son. I am waiting for this moment for quite a long time. Not because I have no fun or because my life is boring :-), simply because I am exhausted and I really really need to charge my batteries again! And what for a better place than Saint Barth to do that? :-)

Thanks to all, my family, my friends, my friends and colleagues from Innoveo, our partners and customers, for your good wishes and your valuable inputs that we have to benefit from this time. Totally agree! It’s the first time since years that I will not have a look at my professional emails during my holidays. Let’s see if I can manage that, I will tell you when I will be back ;-)

You can expect a *lot* of colorful pictures posted here in the coming 2.5 weeks, I’m prepared and in the “starting block” for posting!

And yes, I can tell everybody that we know how far we are super lucky to be able to go “there” again. No question or hesitation about that.

So, see you on the other side, and take care!

Saint Barth - BeachSaint Jean

Saint Barth - BeachSaline

Cool birthday party today at Innoveo

Yes, it’s my birthday today ;-)

Had a great time with my colleagues and friends at Innoveo. Chocolate cake Trilogy with some champagne. Miam!

Warm thanks to all of you for your kind messages in Skype, per Email, per SMS, in Twitter, in Facebook, in Xing, in LinkedIn, per telephone (still!), and directly/physically ;-) Gosh, also in this field, a kind of multichanneling seems to be more and more important!

Thanks to Laurent for the picture.

Warm welcome to David!

After the start of Carlos on December 16, 2010, we are again very proud and happy to be able to announce that David Wilson, our new Senior Solution Architect, has started to work at Innoveo yesterday!

David has a Bachelor of Science from the Edinburgh University, and is bringing with him 25 years of IT experience in the fields of Software development, engineering and architecture, consulting, and project management. He knows also the Insurance industry quite well, as he was working as a consultant for Winterthur, Zurich, and ZurichRe in the past.

David (in the middle of the picture) at our recent Innoveo X’Mas Event 2010 with Carlos, Nestor, Roy, Oli and Robert).

We are also very happy to welcome our first “English native” speaker, as David is Swiss and … Scottish!

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Some figures about 2010

On this blog:

  • 1.3 million pageviews in 2010 (cumulated since March 2004: 6.7 million pageviews)
  • and 79 posts (cumulated since March 2004: 1’221 posts)

On SmugMug:

  • 800’000 unique views in 2010
  • and more than 1.5 million in the last 2 years

I feel very comfortable now with my technical current setup:

Flickr users, you feel uncomfortable? …

…I understand ;-) Was the same for me since now already 2 years, when I decided to move from Flickr to SmugMug. The reasons for this change in December 2008 were listed in detail in this post, but as a summary, I recap my points from 2008 that are more and more valid to my understanding…

Why I left Flickr?

  • The huge functional differences between Flickr and SmugMug
  • The lack of innovation and service updates at Flickr. In the last months, nothing happened at Flickr. SmugMug is principally launching new functions and testing new ideas each month!
  • I was impacted by all the controversies and censorship stories (Thomas Hawk is relating some of them here and here) around Yahoo!/Flickr.

When you follow a bit the Flickr story, you have for sure heard that mainly the whole team and founders have left Yahoo now…

So now the "good news" for you if you’d like to leave Flickr is that the migration to SmugMug is quite easy (I’ve done it for 2 years). And refugees are definitely welcome in the SmugMug family ;-)

Have a look at the special SmugMug offer for you (20% discount)!

As a SmugMug user since now 2 years, I personally strongly recommend their service, really great!

(I’m not affiliated in any manner with SmugMug, excepted as a paying *happy* customer ;-)