Some figures about 2010

On this blog:

  • 1.3 million pageviews in 2010 (cumulated since March 2004: 6.7 million pageviews)
  • and 79 posts (cumulated since March 2004: 1’221 posts)

On SmugMug:

  • 800’000 unique views in 2010
  • and more than 1.5 million in the last 2 years

I feel very comfortable now with my technical current setup:

Flickr users, you feel uncomfortable? …

…I understand ;-) Was the same for me since now already 2 years, when I decided to move from Flickr to SmugMug. The reasons for this change in December 2008 were listed in detail in this post, but as a summary, I recap my points from 2008 that are more and more valid to my understanding…

Why I left Flickr?

  • The huge functional differences between Flickr and SmugMug
  • The lack of innovation and service updates at Flickr. In the last months, nothing happened at Flickr. SmugMug is principally launching new functions and testing new ideas each month!
  • I was impacted by all the controversies and censorship stories (Thomas Hawk is relating some of them here and here) around Yahoo!/Flickr.

When you follow a bit the Flickr story, you have for sure heard that mainly the whole team and founders have left Yahoo now…

So now the "good news" for you if you’d like to leave Flickr is that the migration to SmugMug is quite easy (I’ve done it for 2 years). And refugees are definitely welcome in the SmugMug family ;-)

Have a look at the special SmugMug offer for you (20% discount)!

As a SmugMug user since now 2 years, I personally strongly recommend their service, really great!

(I’m not affiliated in any manner with SmugMug, excepted as a paying *happy* customer ;-)


…is really cool ;-) Some interesting new features (SEO & sitemaps, statistics, etc.) were released in the last months, as usual. Still bringing quite a lot of traffic for me.

I’ve reached again the half million views on my pictures during the first half of this year (in June), with some days with more than 7’000 views… From January to August, exactly 622’310 views on pictures and videos on About 80% of the traffic is going on Saint Barth pictures (what for a surprise !).

Not bad for an amateur as I in this area ;-)

Some changes in the sidebar…

So, I had to correct some stuff in my right sidebar:

  • get rid of my visitors log and map, as the service ( is down since some days now
  • insert a … search (!). Actually I have forgotten to integrate it with all the changes I have done
  • change the SmugMug badge which is shown within the sidebar, switch to “Saint Barth 2010” ;-) Looks like the one just below: