4th HD video from Saint Barth – Some sunsets

Some of the fantastic sunsets we have seen last year, from the villa Ella.

In about 10 days, we will there again, so I don’t know if I will publish new ones or not till then ;-)

Let’s see!

As usual, you should have a look at the high-res version here.


3rd HD video from Saint Barth – Colombier beach

After the short presentation of the the villa Ella, a third HD video about Saint Barth, this time concerning one of our preferred beach, Colombier. One of the must of the island and a marvelous location for snorkeling!

As usual, you should also have a look at the high-res version here.


And still not the last video.

The next one will be for Laurent.

2nd HD video from Saint Barth – Villa Ella

As mentioned in this post, I am publishing some HD video (720p, i.e. a 1280×720 resolution) on SmugMug.

Below, the second one (embedded in DVD quality). Topic is still Saint Barth, this time, with some views of the villa we were in, and the fantastic panoramic views on the Saint Barth airport and the Saint Jean Bay.

You should also have a look at the high-res version here.


Some other new HD videos to be published in the coming days!

HD Video from Saint Barth

I have published my first HD video (720p, i.e. a 1280×720 resolution) on SmugMug, with our last Saint Barth winter break in February 2008 as “topic”. I will continue to regularly publish some short sessions about this travel in the coming time.

The embedded version below is the so-called DVD version (640×480 resolution).

You may like to have a look at the HD version here.


I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 as a video editing software (yes, I have a license…) and my Sony Handycam HDR-HC3.

The music used to illustrate the video is coming from ccMixter.org, very nice source for good-quality Creative Commons licensed tracks!

Back from St Barth

So, we are back since last Friday. As usual, the “landing” is quite difficult after 2 weeks on this incredible island. And not just because of the jet lag…

I would like to share with you 8 pictures from our trip. And no, I don’t know why 8, but it sounds good ;-)


From Guadeloupe to Saint Barth, beautiful lights



Saint Jean Bay, the west part



Petite Anse, from the beach



Petite Anse, from the top



Colombier Bay



Grand Cul de Sac



Petit Cul de Sac



From the Gustavia lighthouse



Off to Saint Barth till August 22

Dear friends, colleagues, partners, customers and competitors … and readers :-)

I am off to St Barth with my wife and son till August 22. The first time for us there … during the summer!

If there will be no strike, if the weather will be ok (no hurricane, it is the season now), if there will be no issue with the plane, etc., we will be again in St Barth tomorrow, exactly there:

villa st barth


  • Day : 34°C
  • Night : 26°C
  • Ocean : 29°C

This is actually the case only if we don’t have any hurricane :-)

I will publish some videos & pictures there, stay tuned.

Have a good time and take care!

Flickr video

I have started to play a bit with the new flickr video extension. An example below from my travel to St Barth (with my htc touch cruise):

Some information about the new service:

  • only the pro accounts can upload videos
  • each video file must be smaller than 150MB or 90s
  • formats supported: AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 3gp
  • video player based on Flash

Not bad ;-)

St Barth 2008 – 17th day (part I)

For our last full day on the island, we have decided to go again to Colombier. We have taken the second way to go there. About the same time (30′) but much more harder… Quite a lot of boats today in the Colombier Bay.

A very long snorkeling session with my son, we have visited the right end of the Bay. It was just fantastic! A giant aquarium.

For our last dinner in St Barth, some stuff from Le Bouchon that we have taken back in the villa.

Tomorrow, we have to give back the car and the villa before 12:00. Flight to St Martin at 14:30. St Martin to Paris at 17:00. We should be in Paris at 06:00 (on Tuesday, with the time shift) and in Mulhouse for the lunch.

Long trip, bad mood. No comment, I know how far we are lucky to be there, a fact which is not really helping to come back from this “paradise”…