sbh2016 – day08 // shell beach, GcdS stroll

Sunday, some showers in the morning, fantastic lunch at Do Brazil, packed. Do Brazil has celebrated its 15 years anniversary on Sunday, nice! Great views, good food and nice service as usual. We feel always at home there. Then we went up to Fort Carl, the views there, specially on Shell Beach, are always stunning! In the afternoon, one of our preferred stroll from Grand Cul de Sac to Petit Cul de Sac. Kind of “summary” of Saint Barth: the view on the protected bay, the rough ocean from the dark cliff and the strong waves crashing there, then again the Carribean blue of Petit Cul de Sac. Just crazy :-) Evening at home, we wanted to avoid the St Valentin crasiness in the restaurants…

Shell beach from Do Brazil
Do Brazil 15 years celebration

Shell beach from Fort Carl Vivid Grand Cul de Sac Rough ocean Big wave crashing with La Tortue in the background Petit Cul de Sac And back to the very calm Grand Cul de Sac