Happy happy happy :-)

You know what? I’m just happy :-) And I would like to share that with you.
I have closed Outlook, sent my last professional emails, activated the “out-of-office” message, had the last telephone calls, and now I am on HOLIDAYS for 2.5 weeks!!

And just starting to realize that tomorrow I will be in Saint Barth with my wife and my son. I am waiting for this moment for quite a long time. Not because I have no fun or because my life is boring :-), simply because I am exhausted and I really really need to charge my batteries again! And what for a better place than Saint Barth to do that? :-)

Thanks to all, my family, my friends, my friends and colleagues from Innoveo, our partners and customers, for your good wishes and your valuable inputs that we have to benefit from this time. Totally agree! It’s the first time since years that I will not have a look at my professional emails during my holidays. Let’s see if I can manage that, I will tell you when I will be back ;-)

You can expect a *lot* of colorful pictures posted here in the coming 2.5 weeks, I’m prepared and in the “starting block” for posting!

And yes, I can tell everybody that we know how far we are super lucky to be able to go “there” again. No question or hesitation about that.

So, see you on the other side, and take care!

Saint Barth - BeachSaint Jean

Saint Barth - BeachSaline

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