St Barth 2008 – 9th day (part I)

So today was *the* big day. As the weather was perfect, we have decided to go to the most beautiful beach of St Barth (in our personal opinion, there are definitely different views in this field): Colombier. Different reasons: a) beach and sand are absolutely fantastic b) you have to walk about 30′ to access the beach, wild nature & great views all along the way c) best snorkeling place of St Barth!

First time of “total” snorkeling (with tuba) for my son. Great moment, he was absolutely fascinated by the “world of silence” :)

I have tried the “landscape” mode of my mobile cam.

PS: got a foot sprain on the way back, and at the beginning. I have needed about 1h to walk back. I have lost some kg by jumping on the other foot, as I couldn’t walk normally ;) Gosh!

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