Mark this day :-)

Yesterday (Thursday) was an absolutely important and central milestone in the life of our company – Innoveo.

I am very proud, totally exciting for the coming steps, exhausted, and also in a way – relieved. First confirmations that our vision, strategy, and tactics are not sooo bad ;-)

As usual, a bit of luck, plus a great help and support from very smart people (hello René), and from our Team!

I remember a thought of one of my former boss, saying that:

Good stuff needs time to mature

This is absolutely true ;-) I would just extend it a bit:

Good stuff needs time AND a lot of energy to mature

Nick, mate, a big thought in your direction, you did such a great job!

Coming challenges are big, again, but first … there are coming! And second, they are super interesting!

A last one now, about “vision” :-)

Despair, Inc)


But gosh, now, I just want to sit down with a good grappa, and to appreciate this moment.

Blog statistics 2007

As usual, I would like to give you transparently some information about what was going on there, on this blog, in 2007. And since the start of this blog in March 2004.

Statistics 2007

  • Number of hits: 5,6 million (best day: 42’807 hits)
  • Number of pageviews: 1.3 million (best day: 10’648 pageviews)
  • Number of visitors: 0.9 million (best day: 14’314 visitors)
  • Bandwidth: 158 GB
  • Number of posts: 80
  • 100 countries with more than 50 visitors in 2007
  • 7% of the visitors are coming from China (wow) and … 2.5% from France ;-)
  • Browsers: IE – 56%, Firefox – 24%, Safari – 3%, Opera – 2%

Overview 2004-2007

  • Number of hits: 12.3 million
  • Number of pageviews: 3.1 million
  • Number of visitors: 2.0 million
  • Bandwidth: 346 GB
  • Number of posts: 923

dbw statistics 2007

dbw statistics 2007

dbw statistics 2007

dbw statistics 2007

dbw statistics 2007