Saint Barth Portfolio 2009 (wrap up) – February 2009

Finally the wrap up/poster of my Saint Barth Portfolio 2009.

I have started to publish this portfolio on June 18, 2009 with this post.

The idea was the following:

I will publish 2 pictures from each region of the island per post. Force to choose ;-)

I hope I haven’t bothered you too much with these 16 posts!

I really had to finish, as the countdown is running for our next stay in Saint Barth (February 2010)! About 50 days to go :-)

Saint Barth – Part XV

Some pictures taken from our snorkeling session in Colombier Bay with a Canon IXUS 700 and a waterproof case WP-DC70. As I have read, it is not so easy to take good pictures underwater… Anyway, a first try!

I have tried to find out what I have seen ;-) Not always 100% sure. So if you see something wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me.


Ocean landscapes



Ocean bottom



Marine animals


Saint Barth – Part VII

We had our first snorkeling session on last Wednesday but the vision was not ideal under water, as there is still a quite strong swell. Anyway, I saw my first sea-turtle in Saint Jean Bay, exactly at the same place as last year, just after the white boat in the middle of the picture below!

Bottom is at about 3-4m there. Sea-turtle was about motionless and eating some underwater herbs. The turtle was about 80cm long. It is also the first time that I see a pilot fish on top of the turtle shell!

I have quite massively adjusted the pictures (contrast, color and saturation). The pictures are a bit pixelated but still from far better as I have thought!

Camera: Canon IXUS 700 with a Canon waterproof case (WP-DC70).

Bigger resolution available on smugmug, just click on the pictures!