BUSINESS: Holiday eSpending

[via nielsen//netratings, as pdf]

Interesting study from Goldman Sachs, nielsen//netratings, and Harris Interactive about the eSpending (Online shopping) in the US for the 2005 holiday season (Christmas’ period):

  • total holiday spending hits $25 bn (oct. 29 till dec.16), excluding travel
  • +25% compared to the same period in 2004
  • categories ranked by revenue
  • apparel/cloting: 17% (!)
  • computer hardware/peripherals: 14%
  • consumer electronics: 14%
  • books: 10%
  • video games (HW/SW): 7%

  • 45% of holiday shoppers went directly to an online retailer (URL)
  • 71% have felt very or somewhat satisfied, only 8% very or somewhat dissatisfied with their online shopping experience
  • 3 main issues encoutered: product out of stock (22%), could not locate a sought after item (18%), shipping costs excessive (16%)
  • Crazy, how the shopping structure is changing from year to year and how the remaining issues are evolving. Paiement security seems not to be a problem anymore for example.

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