sbh2015 – day 8 // sunset lighthouse, lorient beach

Let’s start this post with our visit yesterday evening to Gustavia’s lighthouse. Quite crowded with locals having a big apero! As usual, stunning views there, I will never get bored ;-)

The “classical” view Impressive tree below the lighthouse Another perspective on the tree Turning to an unreal orange

This morning, after the now typical showers, we were heading to Lorient Beach. Always a good place for a walk (up to Autour du Rocher too). Crazy colors, the Bay was really fantastic and “wild”…

Entering Lorient beach From the rock near Autour du Rocher From the end of the beach Green and blue

This evening, quite excited as we will go for Le Gaiac!

sbh2015 – day 7 // rainbow, natural pools, showers

Interesting day again :-) The morning was quite rainy with some showers…and a first great moment with a marvelous rainbow over the Marigot Bay.

Rainbow over Marigot Bay So no beach and we’ve decided us for the Natural pools stroll at Grand Fond. As usual, lots of fantastic views, landscapes, changing colors. And a funny heavy shower when returning back, when we were at the Washing Machine :-)

Changing lights at Grand Fond Beautiful waves Washing machine, always impressive Arriving at the natural pools Waves at the natural pools Mother and son in the wind Heavy shower approaching Shower! And a little turtle in the middle of the path when coming back…

Little turtle

This evening, a dark dinner at L’Isola!

sbh2015 – day 6 // saint jean pélican, do brazil, shell beach

Another great day in paradise…
This morning, we’ve visited another beach, Saint Jean Pélican, very nice lights and colors again. By swimming with Julien, we’ve realized how far sea-grasses there almost disappeared. Very few fish, no turtle, only a little ray.

Saint Jean Pélican

Palm trees shadow


After some showers, we’ve left the beach for an excellent lunch at Do Brazil! We really like this place very much.

The view remains unique…

Saint Barth is family-time for us!

We’ve then visited the Fort Carl above Shell Beach. Funny that it’s the first in 14 visits to Saint Barth that we went there :-) A must-see actually! The view over Shell Beach is just stunning…

Shell Beach from Fort Carl

Another view of Shell Beach

Fort Carl, the other side

The path is now great and there are quite a lot of information all along (trees, flora, etc).

Renovated path to Fort Carl

This evening, no restaurant, as we will go to the cinema in Lorient (if it’s not raining) ;-)

sbh2015 – day 5 // saint jean, mosquitoes

Again a windy day, but no covered sky and no showers (yet).
As the 3 of us have little sunburns, we decided not to go for another stroll this morning.
Coming from the European grey winter to the Caribbean sun is definitely a challenge for our skins…

After 5 days, I have to say: not so many mosquitoes this year. At the villa and other places. Perhaps also due to the wind?
So we headed towards Saint Jean beach (airport side, not Pelican).
Take-off spectacle is still great, as this beach and its beautiful colors and sand.
Again a good water polo training in the waves. I have to admit I have started to have muscle aches after 3 days :-)
Still very funny.


Nice beach with the Eden Rock

Sand and light reflection

Sand and light reflection (bis)

These colors!

And transparency…

The (now famous) fences are really blocking for making the stroll on the whole beach.
The landing strip is now well protected (too much?).

Fences to protect the landing area 

We’ve seen a lot of turtles in the Bay this afternoon, so I will re-try some snorkeling but not today anymore.
This evening, dinner at Bonito in Gustavia.

sbh2015 – day 4 // gouverneur, sunset

Covered sky this morning with some showers, so first we went shopping to the MarchéU, still difficult to find Diet Coke bottles :-)
After some readings near the swimming-pool, we went to Gouverneur. No seaweed on the beach, some pieces in the sea but nothing disturbing.
The arrival from the top was just taking my breath away… Simply gorgeous colors…
The beach was almost empty (people are really coming late, which is perfect), a strong funny shower later, readings for the 3 of us, water-polo with Julien in the waves again.

Entering the beach

Almost nobody in the morning

Quite a lot of birds fishing

Caribbean colors

Walking on the wild side

From the other side…

Sunset pictures from yesterday

Still trying snorkeling at Marigot but the visibility is not good enough. I don’t give up.
This evening, dinner at Maya’s, miam!

sbh2015 – day 3 // GCdS stroll, rough sea, Flamands

During our nice dinner yesterday evening at Eden Rock, we have decided to go for a combination for today: first the Grand-Cul-de-Sac – Petit-Cul-de-Sac stroll early in the morning and then, Flamands. Again quite a windy day with a rough sea.
The stroll was really so great this year! Brilliant lights, very big waves to entertain us :-) We had all 3 really a blast and were impressed by this beauty, even if it’s definitely not the first time we did this stroll!

Between Grand and Petit Cul-de-Sac, with the island “La Tortue” behind

Nice waves

A rock hit by big waves

When two waves meet themselves…

Wave before the crash

At the back, Petit Cul-de-Sac, and some old stone walls

Then back to Grand Cul-de-Sac

After the stroll, we were heading to Flamands beach. Again, the full program there: readings, siesta, water polo in the waves.

Flamands beach

Back home for lunch, we’ve stayed at the villa the whole afternoon. First short snorkeling (visibility still not ok) at Marigot Bay and dinner at Côté-Port in Gustavia.
With a beautiful sunset just before leaving….

day03 portfolio is here (lots of waves pictures):…Dailies/Day03/

sbh2015 – day 2 // sunrise, saline

Second day in paradise, we have now fully adopted the island groove, cool!
The day started with a fantastic sunrise at about 06:30 when I was going to the bakery passing through Grand Fond. And even better a bit later at Toiny.

Sunrise at Grand Fond

Sunrise at Toiny

After a good breakfast, we have decided ourselves for Saline. We were there at about 08:00. Nobody – actually one car and one person swimming! It seemed that it has rained just before we arrived. The beach is quite clean, a bit of seaweeds (small pieces, really) and a pile of on the far end right on the beach, almost nothing in the water. Quite a windy morning with funny waves. We have started our “vacation” water-polo training (I mean for Julien, not for me :-), was super funny in the waves, lot of laughs!

Saline this morning when we arrived

Saline – Waves

Saline – Fantastic colors

After a lunch at home, we stayed there and profit from our swimming-pool with its fantastic view on Anse de Marigot.


Then first shopping at Saint Jean and diner at Eden Rock (more on this later).
What for a day :-) I’m sure I will sleep like a baby.

sbh2015 – Day 01

Late afternoon landing in St Barth :-)
Quite a stress this year to leave home, uneventful travel including luggage.
Quite a windy afternoon (interesting landing with several strong turbulence over La Tourmente) but umhhhh aaahhhh, so warm here. :-)
First known faces at the airport which is helping to enter the SBH groove.
We got our Mini and went to our rented villa (this year at Marigot), first pictures – sunset. Wow.
Then, a quick (good) diner at Le Bouchon and “un petit tour” at Lorient’s supermarket, as it’s open till 9pm.
Some little rains, but you know, the warm ones!
Good cigar (Montecristo) on the terrace with a first Rhum Vanille from La Gloriette eheh.
Slowing down and fighting against jetlag.
H a p p y!

Bye bye Saint Martin (nice renovation in the airport), first nice lights

You know you are at the end of the long journey when you see…

We arrived in the villa with *this* view (part of SBH groove)

Captured just before the night (I think we will have fun with this villa)

To be continued….

Time for change…

Today was my last day at Pactera Switzerland (formerly Innoveo Solutions) as Managing Director and Board member.

The end of a 14-year journey started with some slides presented at the Helvetia Group Executive Board in 2000. This period was full of nice and tough moments, bringing so much experience. I had the chance to meet so many great people (partners, customers, providers, competitors) and to work with/for them. To travel and discover new countries and new cultures: Russia, China, India, UAE/Dubai, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, … But specially I had such a great team around me, this is for sure what I’m the most proud of, and which is making my departure so complicated and emotional! You are the best, my colleagues and friends, my best wishes to all of you smile emoticon And thanks for your great gift (cf. picture), a book full of photos from our last 14 years events!

From Monday, I’m joining another great team at Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications as Global Chief Operating Officer. I know this strong mid-size company since its foundation 17 years ago and I was working there as Board member for a long time. I’m very excited to integrate the Management Team there and to participate to the next steps of the growth of Boomerang!

Internet Mega-Trends

I couldn’t have a look earlier to the well-known KPCB Internet trends presentation. Lots of figures and insights in the 164 pages.

The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report includes:
1. Key Internet trends showing slowing Internet user growth but strong smartphone, tablet and mobile data traffic growth as well as rapid growth in mobile advertising.
2. Emerging positive efficiency trends in education and healthcare.
3. High-level trends in messaging, communications, apps and services.
4. Data behind the rapid growth in sensors, uploadable / findable / shareable data, data mining tools, and pattern recognition.
5. Context on the evolution of online video.
6. Observations about online innovation in China

Some notes from my side:

  • Internet Users: <10% Y/Y growth & slowing…fastest growth in more difficult to monetize developing markets like India / Indonesia / Nigeria
  • Smartphone Subscribers: +20% strong growth though slowing…fastest growth in underpenetrated markets like China / India / Brazil / Indonesia
  • Tablets : +52% early stage rapid unit growth
  • Mobile Data Traffic : +81% accelerating growth…video = strong driver
  • Smartphone Users = about 30% of 5.2B Mobile Phone User Base
  • Tablet Units = Growing Faster Than PCs Ever Did… +52%
  • Tablet Users = Loads of Growth Ahead… At 56% of Laptops / 28% of Smartphones / 8% of TVs
  • Population penetration and Global users:
    • TVs 78% / 5.5B
    • Mobile Phone 73% / 5.2B
    • Smartphone 22% / 1.6B
    • Laptop+Desktop 21% / 1.5B
    • Tablet 6% / 0.4B
  • Mobile Usage = Continues to Rise Rapidly… At 25% of Total Web Usage vs. 14% Y/Y
  • Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and Mobile % of Monthly Active User (MAU):
    • Google $45
    • Facebook $7.2 / 79%
    • Twitter $3.6 / 78%
  • Healthcare Realities (USA)
    • Costs Up to 17% of GDP, at $2.8T in 2012, +2x as percent of GDP in 35 years
    • Waste = 27% of Spend, $765B of healthcare spend estimated from excess costs: $210B = unnecessary services; $190B = excess administrative; $55B = missed prevention opportunities; $310B = inefficient delivery of care / fraud / inflated prices (2009)
    • Individual Costs Rising, >25% of family income likely to go to healthcare spending in 2015E vs. 18% in 2005
    • Chronic Conditions = +75% of Spend, Most costly = cancer / diabetes / heart disease / hypertension / stroke…1 in 2 Americans has at least 1 chronic condition, 1 in 4 has 2+
  • Healthcare Realities (part II)
    • Digitization of Healthcare Happening
    • Providers Using Fully Functioning EHR (Electronic Health Record): 84% of Hospitals / Academic / Institutional practices
    • 51% (& rising) of office-based practices
    • Consumers Happy to Communicate via Email: 62% for healthcare concerns
    • Digital Health Venture Investments Rising: +39% Y/Y to $1.9B (2013, USA)
    • Examples:
      • Redbrick Health – employer engagement platform = 4:1 ROI savings per participant
      • Teladoc – employer focused telemedicine platform = $798 savings per consultation vs. office visit & ER over 30 days
      • Mango Health – adherence app = 84% Statin adherence vs. 52% market average
      • WellDoc – chronic disease platform = diabetes app prescription with reimbursement
  • Internet Trifecta = Critical Mass of Content + Community + Commerce
    • 1) Content = Provided by Consumers + Pros
    • 2) Community = Context & Connectivity Created by & for Users
    • 3) Commerce = Products Tagged & Ingested for Seamless Purchase
  • Biggest Re-Imagination of All = People Enabled With Mobile Devices + Sensors Uploading Troves of Findable & Sharable Data
  • More Data + More Transparency = More Patterns & More Complexity
    • Transparency : Instant sharing / communication of many things has potential to make world better / safer place but potential impact to personal privacy will remain on-going challenge
    • Patterns : Mining rising volume of data has potential to yield patterns that help solve basic / previously unsolvable problems but create new challenges related to individual rights
  • Big Data Trends
    • 1) Uploadable / Findable / Sharable / Real-Time Data Rising Rapidly
    • 2) Sensor Use Rising Rapidly
    • 3) Processing Costs Falling Rapidly…While The Cloud Rises
    • 4) Beautiful New User Interfaces – Aided by Data-Generating Consumers – Helping Make Data Usable / Useful
    • 5) Data Mining / Analytics Tools Improving & Helping Find Patterns
    • 6) Early Emergence of Data / Pattern-Driven Problem Solving
  • Photos Alone = 1.8B+ Uploaded & Shared Per Day
  • Costs evolution:
    • Compute Costs Declining = 33% Annually, 1990-2013
    • Storage Costs Declining = 38% Annually, 1992-2013
    • Bandwidth Costs Declining = 27% Annually, 1999-2013
    • Smartphone Costs Declining = 5% Annually, 2008-2013