sbh2016 – day06 // lorient beach, autour du rocher

Friday was definitely the Lorient beach day, nice surprise! Heavy showers in the early morning and sunny weather afterwards, typical Carribean :-) Lorient: what for a nice change compared to last year… Beach is much softer, sand almost like in Saint Jean, less rocks and more sand also in the ocean. This mixed with nice and brilliant colors! Typical visit of Autour du Rocher, no worker, no activity, excepted some poles positionned (by surveyor?). Still great views from the heights on the bay.

And dinner at L’Isola to finish properly this fantastic day!

Beach entrance Lorient to the right Lorient to the left L&J facing the ocean Autour du Rocher Brilliant Lorient bay Carribean colors Rocks and ocean Love these colors!