ST BARTH DAY8 – Big waves at Flamand and Lorient beach

The swell has generated quite bug waves yesterday! We had a walk at Flamand beach in the morning, quite impressive. Never seen such kind of waves in the last 6 years…

Then, a visit to the Lorient beach, beautiful colors, lots of families. Really cool.

We had a super nice dinner at the Eden Rock. Always one of the dinners’ highlight on Saint Barth ;-)

Big waves at Flamand


Lorient beach



Intensive day ;-)

ST BARTH DAY7 – Palm trees shadows on Saint Jean Beach

We had another great morning at the Saint Jean Beach. The afternoon was quite cloudy, but hey, that was ok for our skins ;-)

A “simple” evening at the restaurant/take away “Le Petit Bouchon”. I had a cool Beef Carpaccio, with a lot of Parmesan and … French fries!

Shadows on Saint Jean Beach

This evening should one of the “dinner highlight”!

More on that tomorrow.

ST BARTH DAY6 – Colombier and Petite Anse

Colombier Bay is still so marvelous. We were there quite early in the morning and were alone on the beach during 2 hours. Nice experience ;-)

The views during the walk to the Colombier beach are quite fantastic.

Nice evening too at the Pipiri Palace restaurant in Gustavia. As usual there, good atmosphere, good service, nice people, and very good meal.



Walk to Colombier


Petite Anse


Yes, we know that it is still snowing at home, again 10cm!

ST BARTH DAY5 – Grand Fond and its “baignoires”

Yesterday was another great “Saint Barth’s” day!

First a great 3-hours stroll at Grand Fond, where we have visited the so-called “baignoires”, i.e. the natural baths created by the ocean erosion.

Also our first shopping at Gustavia: Pati of Saint Barth, Mia Zia, etc.

Then a very good dinner at Maya’s restaurant. Cool and efficient service, very fresh. I had first a Mojito cocktail, then a big salad (mesclun, how do you call it in English?) and a fantastic Tandori (no Roy it wasn’t so much spicy, as you would like it ;-).

Everywhere, a lot of cool known faces, who made us feel at home!

Grand Fond beach

The famous baignoires of Saint Barth




That’s exactly the kind of perfect day which will make us come back here as soon as possible…

Tomorrow should be another stroll to Colombier, with a snorkeling session.

ST BARTH DAY4 – Landing at St Martin and villa

So, it’s snowing at home, -8°C in the morning. Here it’s extremely hot, more a summer weather than a winter one, actually. 31°C during the day, 24°C during the night. We are not so far away from the 40°C between our both “homes”!

It’s very dry and warmer than the other years at the same period. The sun is very aggressive, our son had a allergic reaction in his face, which never happened in the last 6 years… Today he’s going better, and we could have a super nice walk at Grand Fond. More on that tomorrow!

The villa over Saint Jean bay

Just to locate us from the Saint Jean beach.


Landing at Saint Martin

A small video from the right side of the Airbus A-340 300 we took between Paris and Saint Martin, during the landing at the Juliana airport.


ST BARTH DAY2: Saint Jean and Do Brazil

Sitting on the terrace, 22:30, still 25°C, having a good cigar after a super dinner at Do Brazil. Had a Sex on the Beach cocktail (excellent!), a beef Tataki on fresh pink ginger with hand-made French fries :-) And a ginger rhum at the end. By the way, yesterday I had a fantastic Ti-Punch with a very interesting old rhum.

We were at the Saint Jean beach this morning, first swimming in the ocean (26°C). Just marvelous. We have met also two friends that are on the island since 4 months (lucky!!). Was not organized, but as usual, everything happens here in a “cool” way ;-)

Saint Jean beach

Landing at Saint Barth from the ocean

Another view from the villa

Playing with my EOS 5d MarkII with my new EF 35mm f/1.4L lens. ISO 200, f/9.


View from the villa by night

Same configuration, with a tripod. ISO 3200, f/4.5 , exposure time: 20s.


Stars in the sky

With the same configuration, I have taken also some pictures from the sky. No cloud but a crazy number of stars. Almost no light “polluting”. ISO: 6400, f/6.3 , exposure time: 30s.

As you see, life is hard here!

Rehearsal re-launch

As you may know, I am a “very-amateur” drummer. I have first learned and played percussion in a classical band. And then, played drums in a pop/blues band. Almost nobody knew us, excepted our friends and family, but hey, we had a lot of fun just to play together.

After a long break we have started to rehearse again together. And it brings a lot of pleasure and fun!

We have launched our rehearsals with some Sade and Womack & Womack tracks :-)