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For some times, I had to migrate my website and to change my web-site hosting provider. You can find below some information concerning this migration.

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    Choice of a new web-hosting provider

    My site and weblog were hosted before by, which is, as indicated in the name, a free hosting provider, linked, logically, with limited possibilities. I decided to move to OVH, a quite well-known web-site hosting provider in France. The solution I choose is the 240GP PLAN. This package costs 65& euro; (incl. VAT) per year for the following characteristics:

    The transfert process

    I decided to move the entire web site "as-it-is", with exactly the same structure. So, with a FTP transfert and the new definition in the DNS (duration of the propagation: about 24 hours in my case), I was mainly done (with few changes in some URLs).
    I had then to change quite a lot of options in blogger. The FTP directory changes were specially annoying....


    Google & Page Ranking, search engines

    After having searched information for such kind of transfer case (no domain change, hosting/DNS move, same web-site structure), I opted for redirections commands in the .htaccess file by allows very limited possibilities (no URL rewriting) in this field. The .htaccess file looks like:

    redirect 301 /home.htm
    redirect 301 /index.html
    redirect 301 /about_me.htm

    The "301" code tells the search engine (as the browsers ;-) that the requested resource has been permanently moved. This code is so defined:
    "The requested resource has been assigned a new permanent URI and any future references to this resource SHOULD use one of the returned URIs."

    Generally speaking, URL-rewriting is ok, as redirection in the .htaccess file or in a PHP header. As usual, javascript and META tag should be avoided!

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