PerfectDisk (Raxco)

As you perhaps know, even though NTFS is more resistant to fragmentation than FAT, it can and does still fragment... This situation is incredibly stressed if you are developping some softwares. So, as manager or developer, we are confronted with this annoying unresolved disk fragmentation problem.

The first discussion was to know if the Microsoft built-in defragmenter can solve this issue. The answer is clearly no. If you have already used it, you know what I mean. Then, we normally had to buy some Diskeeper licenses. We already tested this tool, without being convinced... Laurent, as a Microsoft .NET MVP (Most Valuable Professional), received a free-of-charge license of PerfectDisk from Raxco. We had a look at this product (see below) and ... decided to buy it (normal price for a download version for workstation) for different (we think ;-) good reasons. You can find some information in the Data Sheet.

The first feedbacks of our users are very good!

PerfectDisk features not present in the Microsoft built-in defragmenter

PerfectDisk features not present in Diskeeper

PS: so or so, a company which is working for Gibson (yes, Gibson is using PerfectDisk ;-), is a good company!


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