ST BARTH DAY4 – Landing at St Martin and villa

So, it’s snowing at home, -8°C in the morning. Here it’s extremely hot, more a summer weather than a winter one, actually. 31°C during the day, 24°C during the night. We are not so far away from the 40°C between our both “homes”!

It’s very dry and warmer than the other years at the same period. The sun is very aggressive, our son had a allergic reaction in his face, which never happened in the last 6 years… Today he’s going better, and we could have a super nice walk at Grand Fond. More on that tomorrow!

The villa over Saint Jean bay

Just to locate us from the Saint Jean beach.


Landing at Saint Martin

A small video from the right side of the Airbus A-340 300 we took between Paris and Saint Martin, during the landing at the Juliana airport.


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