sbh2016 – day02 // saline beach, waves, lorient view

Second day on the island, getting in the proper groove, calming down :-) Nice day, quite windy again, still a bit hazy (we couldn’t see Saint Martin today from Pointe Milou). Saline was our first beach this morning. Still a bit of seaweeds but not really disturbing. Starting our water-polo fun in the waves with Julien. Back in the villa for lunch, nap, swimming-pool, readings, photos, fantastic views from the villa. Dinner at Sand Bar, les pieds dans le sable, just finished before some rain showers. Now on the terrace with a ClĂ©ment 10 years and a robusto Heritage. Pure delight!

Walk to Saline with beautiful palm trees Ahh Saline beach Scintillating ocean Waves Fantastic shining Lorient

sbh2016 – day01 // first Caribbean views

Dear all, so h.a.p.p.y to be here with the family! The trip was uneventful, but long as usual (about 17h all in all)… Nice weather, windy, bit hazy. The view from the villa (Pointe Milou) is….omg :-) First basic shopping at Minimart (Lorient) and quick but good dinner at Le Petit Bouchon (with rum shot), good smooth start.

Upon arriving…

Pre-sunset from the terrace

Another perspective

First Rhum vanille from La Gloriette with a Montecristo White Series on the terrace, listening to Radio Saint Barth. Nothing missing!!